Andris Apse - New Zealand Landscapes

General Information

There are a number of ways to view and order our images.

CD-ROM Catalogue

A printed catalogue of around 600 images is available to commercial clients.


Our library contains 25,000 images. Only a small percentage are shown on our web sites. If you can not find exactly what you need, contact us and we will send a selection of images by email.

High Resolution Scans

These are produced on a Crossfield Drum Scanner or on our in-house Imacon 848. We provide digital files of all our images via our ftp site or on CD.


Some special projects that may require the original transparency, we are able to courier these if available.

Ordering and Prices

When you have decided which image you wish to use, we are able to deliver the original transparency or if we have a high resolution scan on file, we can write it to CD and courier this to you. For smaller reproduction sizes we are able to transmit a JPEG maximum quality compressed file.


Before we are able to give you a price for use we need to know the following details :-


All images in printed or digital form are the property of Andris Apse. Under copyright law, it is illegal for anyone to reproduce them without written permission. The licence to use an image becomes valid only on full payment of the invoice. There is no charge for the use of my images from my catalogue or web sites for layout purposes.

Original transparencies are mounted on card mounts protected by an archival transparent sleeve. The transparencies are attached to the mount with seals which carry the warning “If this seal is disturbed in any way a usage fee will be charged” If the transparency is removed from the mount but not used, a fee will be charged to cover the cost of printing new bar code, title, address and conditions labels plus cleaning and remounting the transparency.